How To Use Iphone Activation Lock

"Activation lock" , is enabled automatically when you set up "Find the iPhone", can significantly complicate the life of all those who wished to take advantage of lost or stolen gadget.

The principle of "lock activation" is quite simple: when you set up "Find iPhone" on your device, your your Apple ID is assigned to a used iPhone or iPad. From this point on, disable the "Find iPhone», removing personal information from a mobile device, re-activation and use of iPhone requires the introduction of Apple ID and password to it . However, even  flashing  and recovery mode  DFU  does not solve the situation, the attacker will not be able to activate your iPhone or iPad without information about your Apple ID.

Want to know location of your iPhone

But most of the customers don’t know how to use iphone activation lock? So, they must contact to a third part Apple support service provider. Here, we are suggesting you quick steps to configure the "Find iPhone»

To activate the Find iPhone »go to  Settings - iCloud  and look for item" Find iPhone », and then, in one tap will activate the function. The system can be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password.

How to find a lost iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac?

  1. Now, if your device is lost or stolen, go to website.
  2. Pointing out your account details, you'll be redirected to the virtual desktop, where to find the application "Find iPhone» and tapnuv / clicking on the icon, you will be prompted to enter your password on the Apple ID.
  3. Next, the application will find your device, and mark it on the map green circle. Tap or click on the mug displays a small information box with the symbol i.
  4. Clicking on the icon will allow to reveal the application menu:
  5. When "Mode of loss", you will be prompted to enter the passcode:
  6. Also in the App Store has  a special application  from Apple, with which you can find a lost iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, it's in the case, if the function "Find iPhone» has been previously configured on it. The application is fully functional repeats the above described the eponymous service iCloud.

icloud activation lock screen

After following the above given steps you can successfully find your lost iphone device. If you are still facing any technical problem then contact to a third party iCloud customer service phone number . The customer support experts will assist you at all the stages and provide you the reliable and authentic help in very short period of time.


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