How to break the iCloud lock?

iCloud provides huge data storage facility for the Apple users and Apple ID can be used to access iCloud across various devices. Now it has been noted that users often face the problem of iCloud locked account and they reach out to the support team for assistance. iCloud lock can be broken in various alternative ways and this article will provide all the necessary steps.

If anyhow user is having iCloud locked iPhone then the primary concern should be how to unlock the device. User should also be careful about the techniques used and there are many fake things around which also add on to the issue.

Here are the steps to unlock iCloud locked iPhone –

  • Open the device and go to ‘Settings’ option.
  • Now next to the Wi-Fi network to be connected click on ‘i’.
  • Also remove the DNS settings and the enter the details according to the locations mentioned below –

                     USA/North America:
                     Other areas:

  • Now tap ‘Back’ and go ‘Activation Help’.
  • Once the bypass process is completed user will receive the message as ‘You have successfully connected to my server’.

Hence user have successfully unlocked the iPhone and iCloud on the device.

Alternative process if the iCloud is not unlocked yet –

  • Go to device menu and click on ‘Applications’. Next click on ‘Crash’ and the device will restart now.
  • Select the language and country. Also choose the WiFi settings.
  • Now select ‘i’ and then scroll down to tap the menu under HTTP PROXY.
  • List out 30 emoji icons in the server list and in the Port Zone list out 15-30 characters.

 iCloud can also be unlocked using official iPhone unlock website.

  • Visit the website and select ‘iCloud Unlock’.
  • Enter all the details under ‘Device Details’ and also select the iPhone model.
  • Now click on ‘Add to Cart’.
  • User will be asked for contact details in the next page. Enter the email address to receive notification on iCloud unlock.
  • Choose the payment method and make the payment. Once the payment is done user will receive a confirmation message.
  • Wait till the user receives the email that iPhone or the device has been unlocked and thus iCloud has also been unlocked successfully.

Contact iCloud support for help if the user is not able to unlock the account in any way. Get the help of the technical experts to get the work done at minimal time. So, dial the helpline number and get connected now.

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