Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized with icloud but many people have reported errors while this integration. The problems may occur due to version issues. It is found that icloud version 5.1 supports Outlook 2016 , 34 and 64 bit with Windows 10 but later it was confirmed that icloud , till today supoorts only Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Few other issues are listed below with brief description.


Default Data File Issue


ICloud data file consists of all the tasks, calendars, reminders etc. So many times people wants to set this icloud data file as their default data file. This type of setting goes fine with POP accounts but not with IMAP. IMAP accounts requires a default folder for sent mails but icloud doesn't supports any kind of mail folder.


" Cannot start Outlook,,,," Error Message


If user finds this kind of error message again and again then he can try starting Outlook by installing other upgraded version of icloud , for example, if icloud 1 .xx is creating problem then user can try installing icloud 2.xx.


Outlook Hanged Error

 When too many reminders and mail downloads are there then such problem may occur. The only solution is to delete the icloud data file. This icloud data file get recreated if user will try to re-sync the icloud with Outlook. There will be no harm to saved contacts.


Likewise, there can be various issues. Few of them can easily be resolved by the user but when user is unable to sort out any issue, he can always consult with icloud customer care. This service is provided by the team of expert technicians. User can either call or send emails to the ICloud Customer Service and the professionals will guide the users in resolving the issues.

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