iCloud Troubleshooting Guide

iCloud is fascinated with a technically advanced feature that syncs the content to iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac,  and PC, automatically. Written by expert writers, the write up is going to highlight some of the basic iCloud troubleshooting steps.


Basic system requirements


However, you should not forget about the fact that you need to maintain some basic system requirements for flawless performance of your iCloud and here these are.

  1. Minimum 50 MB available disk space
  2. Updated iOS 5 or any other further version
  3. For Mac, you need an OS X Lion 10.7.2 or next version
  4. In case, it is a laptop or desktop, Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 (Service Pack 2 or later)
  5. Moreover, the foremost thing you need is an Apple ID
  6. A Wi-Fi internet connection needed for your iCloud Backup
  7. You need to give some minutes to it if you have healthy restores and data iCloud backups
  8. It will take automatic backup, but the same will not happen when you are downloading any song or application. So let it finish first.
  9. Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode should be enabled.


iCloud isn’t working

  1. The first thing you need to check is your log in status, either you have logged in with your Apple ID or not.
  2. If you are using Mac, choose ‘system preferences’ from the ‘apple’ menu, and then click on ‘iCloud’ for selecting it. In case of Windows, go to ‘control panel’ for selecting ‘iCloud’.
  3. Make sure you have typed the username and password correctly or not. Otherwise, you may receive a message as ‘authentication failed’. In that case, you will have to reset your Apple ID once.


My device isn’t working

  1. Make sure that your device is on.
  2. Make sure that the date is correct on your device. (For change, go to ‘settings’ – ‘general’ – ‘date & time’).
  3. Make sure that your iCloud account is configured well.


What is the role of Apple iCloud customer service in basic troubleshooting of iCloud? Well, the troubleshooting experts guide us in maintaining and following these things properly.


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