If you are an iOS user then while you have configured your device for first time or updated device OS, you must have signed into iCloud account as it is a built-in feature of iOS devices. However, many users often try to access their iCloud account from iOS default browser Safari but faces technical problem in doing so. This happens due to the configuration settings of Safari browser, as soon as it detects that you have access to all your iCloud stuff in your device already it will not allow you to access your account through web interface. So iCloud customer service provided a solution to that is to access iCloud from a different browser compatible with iOS devices such as Google Chrome or Mercury Browser.

iCloud sign-in iPhone

Login to iCloud using Google Chrome

  • Launch Google chrome browser app in your iOS device and go to official iCloud website.
  • Now locate an icon with three horizontal bars at the top right corner of the browser which is called “settings” menu.
  • Tap on that “Request desktop Site” from the menu and it will load the desktop version of iCloud on your screen instead of opening the mobile site.
  • Now you can log into your account with your credentials and access iCloud.

Use Mercury Browser to Sign in to iCloud from iPhone

  • Launch Mercury browser app in your device and access the official iCloud account.
  • Now hit the “settings” button to find the “Function” option from the menu and tap on “Identify Browser”, it will show you a list menu.
  • Choose “Safari” from the option which will open the desktop version of the iCloud website.
  • Now log into with your account credentials and access iCloud.

iCloud sign-in iPad

Although, Apple recommends users to access iCloud from desktop as only that can avail you the full features of iCloud website

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