Apple company and its products are highly admired by the users since they deliver the high quality performance for every product. But despite the fact that it considers the users at its priority, it still has got a number of complains from the customer. And the company tries its hard to deal with each issue in proper manner like it provides the icloud service to the users so that they can access their whole data on to one common device.

iMessages are automatically stored in Apple's backup system iCloud. iMessage is Apple's built in instant messaging (IM) service. It lets you send picture, text, video, sound, and location quickly and easily to anyone else using iMessage on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

Now the iphone device users need not to hover a number of device in order to get the imessages or other data since now the company is providing the icloud service on which all the data is uploaded online and hence the you can use that data anytime on any device by simply login to that account.But the thing that need to be considered here is that if the imessages are uploaded online then is it safe? The company says that it uses the highly secured encryption process for the purpose of sending the message but the whole process or the exact way of doing this is still not revealed to the customers.

If you consider the way by which it does then, after enquiring the apple team the process that come out is that all the encryption that is done lies completely under the control of the company that is offering the service.And hence it comprises of the keys that are basically needed by them for the purpose of locking your data on the arrival and then unlocking it when it is required to transmit it back to the device.Ans now this proves the face that it is highly susceptible to various kind of things like the internal misuse or the hacking of the data or legitimate government warrants etc.

So in order to deal with this doubt of users the company should do as written below:-

  • It is quite normal for the users to worry about the centrally stored and synced data since it is basically one of the weak point in the process of data protection.
  • And hence the company should try to upgrade the under-the-hood encryption techniques.
  • And one more thing to be done is it should try to disclose some more information about how the company is doing the whole process so that it could clear some of the doubts of the users.
  • Adding further the company should also try to submit its work to the external independent auditing and provide more transparency so that the outsiders can monitor for various government or the third part intrusions.
  • And if after doing this also the users feel that their imessages are not safe or they wish to know more about the process then they can contact the icloud support to get the better understanding of the imessages related things.
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