An iCloud is an online storage service provided by Apple. It was launched in the year 2011. It is a service provided by Apple using which all your apple devices are kept in sync with each other. What it means is that suppose you take a picture with your iPhone.

iCloud will ensure that you need not manually transfer that picture from your iPhone to your MacBook. It will be synced automatically.

However, there are some problems with the iCloud service which if resolved will make the iCloud customer service much better for the users to use.

Some of the iCloud problems have been mentioned below:

• Small free storage

Apple offers only 5 Gb of free space on its iCloud service. This causes a problem for people who sync large amounts of data between their Apple devices. In fact, the 5 Gb of data that is offered is for everything on your Apple device that is for notes, or contact or music or for any other thing. This causes a huge problem as the 5 Gb space then feels really small. More so when you consider the survey in which 63 people were asked to vote on whether Apple should offer more than 5 Gb free storage. More than half sided with Apple offering more free storage capacity.

• Multiple Apple ID problem

It is known that the iCloud ID is the Apple ID. However the reason for this confusion in which people create a different Id for the iCloud service provided by Apple is because Apple has offered many similar cloud-based services like iTools,Mac, MobileMe.

Therefore when iCloud was launched, the users created a new ID and now they have to log-in multiple times on a single device just to access all of their content that has been synced. Therefore Apple should give users the ability to merge all their multiple Ids into one single ID to remove any more confusion. 

• Facetime and Apple messages services should be made available online

As of right now, Apple has not launched any kind of web-based service of its popular apps “Messages” and “Facetime”. Many Apple users face a problem when they are using a Windows based operating system but they are unable to communicate with their colleagues who are using an Apple operating system. Therefore if Apple could launch a web-based version of their Message and Facetime App, it would bring a sigh of relief among a lot of its users.

• Support for developer’s API

Sharing a file from iCloud is an extremely cumbersome process when it is compared to the file sharing process in Dropbox. Right now, Apple doesn’t support any third party developer support for its iCloud app. However, if it integrates the support for third party apps that are designed by the developers, the Apple iCloud has the capability to transform into a highly sophisticated online storage service.

• Support for its apps on the android or windows platform

A majority of the apps or programs that are developed and designed today are usually done so for a variety of platforms. For example, dropbox is available for windows phone, android, and iOS. However, the services provided by Apple like iCloud Drive is not available on windows or android. Now if a Macbook user wishes to access the content stored on his iCloud account via his windows phone or his android device, he would be unable to do so. Thus Apple should provide their services and support for other platforms and devices too.

But apart from that, Apple devices are usually quite excellent hardware performance devices and Apple provides extensive support for its devices for iCloud support in case any problems do arise.

In case the user faces any kind of problem with their iCloud account like account security issue, they can get in touch with the iCloud tech support by calling on the iCloud support number. Calling on the iCloud tollfree number will get you the facilities and support offered by the tech support in the shortest time possible.


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