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iCloud basically is a storage space that has been provided on all the Apple devices be it iPhone or mac or an iPad. Icloud storage space was launched by its parent company none other than Apple for the users so that they can save as many as their all important files and documents. The users can also save their favorite music, pictures, videos and many more things in their iCloud drive and can utilize it further. Every time Apple company comes up with some or the other unique feature that as a result makes it the best brand for various devices and products.

On the other hand for more information on this, the users can simply contact the iCloud drive support and can talk with the representatives about all their doubts and questions. Besides, the major question is about knowing the basic way of using the icloud drive. So for this the users just have to follow the below mentioned steps

How Apple iCloud Drive works and how to use it!

  • First of all the users need to go to the settings option on their iphone.
  • Then the users need to select on icloud option.
  • The users then are required to select on icloud drive and proceed further.
  • Users should change the show home screen option to on.
  • Now, select on the home button so as to exit the settings menu.
  • Now lastly, the users need to access the icloud drive app on their iphone.

Steps to Setup iCloud Drive on Apple device!

If the users want to set up icloud drive on their Apple devices then they ca do it easily by just following these steps: 

  • First of all the users need to select the settings on their iphone.
  • Then the users are required to click on the icloud option.
  • After that click on the icloud drive and proceed further.
  • Now the users are required to enable the icloud drive option that will further set up the icloud drive on the users iphone.

How to restore your photos using iCloud Photo Library!

  • First of all the users need to check whether they are signed into icloud account as well as the icloud photo library account from the same icloud account or not. If not then the users should use the same icloud account for both.
  • Now go to the photos option and select the option button.
  • The users then need to make a new library and further should save it anywhere they want on their iphone.
  • The users are then required to select on photos option and then go o the preferences.
  • Go to the general option and select on use as photo library.
  • Now go to the icloud option and check the icloud photo library.

If the users face any further issues in these above-mentioned steps then they should directly contact the icloud technical support and should seek help and assistance from the customer service representatives who are always active to help the users.


 If the user feels any problem in password recovery or resets click on the following the link.

Icloud password recovery

Icloud password reset 


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