How to get in touch with iCloud Customer Service?

Apple, a brand name of technological expansion is gaining momentum day by day due to its incomparable services & customer-friendly approach. Apple products & services are becoming a craze of its users. The devices and the services given by the corporation are continuously increasing. With so many devices & services, it is obvious that customers will face the question that How do I chat with Apple support?

If you are facing issues in iCloud which helps the users in storage of data such as the documents, photos & music and also helps in getting back up to the ios devices which are directly connected. Users face many issues while accessing the iCloud or getting used. They panicked and needed to contact iCloud customer support. In this article, we will see the different ways of getting in touch with iCloud customer support.

Let us see the different ways of getting in touch with iCloud customer support:

Users get panic in the situation when they are not able to get to the customer short let us find the ways

Via Phone:

  • You can directly make a call on the iCloud customer service number which is 0008000401966. You will get connected to the customer service team member.
  • Be ready with your device serial number as they will ask the information about the device.
  • In this step, you will have to tell the customer support representative about your device trouble and they will assist you.
  • The service remains 24 by 7 in operation.

Via Live chat:

  • For conducting a chat conversation you have to go to You can also get the iCloud customer service number.
  • After getting to the page you have to select the Apple product or service in which you need help.
  • After completing the second step select the option of chat and log in with your Apple ID and enter your product serial number.
  • As you select the chat option a pop-up window will appear and you can text your issue inside the window 

Via Email:

You can also contact the iCloud customer service by emailing mode. You can write your query in the provided mailbox. After reviewing your mail Management will definitely get back to you.

Via Social Media Platforms:

Users can easily contact through various Social media platforms. The Apple support is present at various Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and some others. Like if you have to contact three customer support through Twitter then you can directly post or send a message at @AppleSupport.After reviewing your post or message the management will definitely get back to you.

Via Support age:

You can easily contact the customer support team by visiting the support page After getting to the page you will see the option of asking the question. You can directly ask questions through this.

In this article, we have seen detailed guidelines regarding contacting through iCloud Customer Service. The customer support department of the corporation is so effective in clearing the issues of the customers and the availability remains 24 by 7.Use the communication mode in which you are comfortable to tell your issues & get them resolved.

  •  Debra Stein

    I need help with my email account I am not receiving an email that has been sent numerous times

  •  Sonic

    please cancel the file manager service and refund me my 2dollars now thanks

  •  Lisa

    good day, I lost my phone contacts. I have plenty of memory. I deleted an inactive exchange email account and 24 hours later lost my phone contacts. I have my notes and photos thank goodness. I temporarily loss my old emails but shut my phone for a few minutes and put it back on and retrieved old emails. Please advise Thank You Lisa

  •  John

    I am trying to retrieve all my notes that I accidentally deleted, can you help me please? My ICloud information is my email and password is 2004Pontiac$, thanks

  •  Timothy Melton

    had to replace my i8 plus which was stolen Got an SE to replace it. None of my apps or videos show up on new pjone. What am I paying for every month?

  •  Antonia Singer

    Hi, I liked my iCloud to family sharing to upgrade storage but it is still not backing up any of my apps, especially msgs and pictures which have been not backed up in a long time. Why is it still not backing up into my iCloud? How can I change that? Thanks.

  •  Alberson diaz

    Hello I new help I want to use my old iCloud with my new phone but I don’t have access to the old phone number

  •  Randy Pedersen

    I got a new phone and I had my photos all saved to my icloud and I had my icloud backed up on my old phone. Once I signed in to my new phone with my icloud my old photos were not there as they should have been. What can I do?

  •  Scott Beeman
      My apple account under that gmail is locked and it needs a code sent to a phone number I don’t have anymore to unlock it, what do I have to do to get it unlocked
  •  Dk virony

    support for new iCloud

  •  Willies

    I found iPad A1474 one of the handbags I had bought to sell. The ipad has been disabled. How can I reach the owner.

  •  Amy Nolan
      My iCloud and my iPhone have deleted all of my photos except for the last two months. I never deleted them. It shows none of the have been recently deleted and that all 3,000 of my pictures and videos are just gone. Please tell me how to get these back because these are my life and my memories and there must have been a glitch because it shows there were never any but all my blank albums are there.
  •  Mangal Singh

    Why is my credit card cannot be accepted for my monthly ICloud subscription

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