iCloud Music Library is an essential medium to store or sync music files across various devices mainly the apple users. Apple user can store around 25,000 songs in the library and all music files are stored in iCloud. Using the Apple ID one can access the music library across various devices and also music files can be stored or uploaded from all devices.

Sign in to all the Apple devices using the correct login ID and access the music from iCloud music library. Sync the music library across the iPhone, iPad or MAC and also one can enable or disable the library accordingly. This article will provide the Apple user with the steps to turn off or on the music library or for further assistance one can also contact iCloud customer support.

Disabling the iCloud Music Library will delete all the MAC iTunes Library, removes the uploaded tracks to stream on the device and any songs saved offline. User can turn off or on the features using iPhone or iPad or using iTunes on a system.

Here are the steps to tune on or off the iCloud Music Library using iPhone or iPad –

  • Unlock the iPhone or iPad device and go the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Tap on the ‘Music’ tab now which will open the music settings.
  • Move down and go to iCloud Music Library settings. Press the button to toggle on or off the library.
  • On-screen message will be displayed to turn off the music library. Turn off or on the option.

Follow the steps to enable or disable iCloud Music library using iTunes on the system –

  • First open iTunes on the computer.
  • Move to ‘iTunes’ and then select the ‘Preferences’ option.
  • Move to the ‘General’ tab and un-check the iCloud Music Library option.

On the MAC system to disable the iCloud Music Library follow the steps –

  • Open the iTunes by switching on the MAC system.
  • Click on the iTunes button at the top and then select ‘Preferences’.
  • Now on the general tab either check or un-check the box of iCloud Music Library.
  • Once the music library is displayed message will be displayed instantly. 

On the iPhone, iPad or iPod follow the steps to on or off the music library –

  • On the iPhone go to the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Then select the ‘Music’ option and then move to the ‘iCloud Music Library’ setting.
  • Choose any of the option to on or off the iCloud Music Library from the Apple device.

Window users having iCloud account can follow the steps given below to disable or enable the iCloud Music Library –

  • Go to the iTunes window option and click on ‘Edit’ now.
  • Next select the option of ‘Preference’.
  • If the iCloud Music Library is not enabled then turn it on.
  • Finally click on ‘OK’ and then ‘Finish’.

Still facing trouble in enabling the music library? Looking to have an expert advice over the topic? Contact iCloud technical support and ask for expert assistance and troubleshooting steps for the iCloud Music Library issues. Support professionals are dealing with various iTunes or music library related issues regularly and are in best position to provide best help.


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