Steps to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

How to break the iCloud lock? iCloud provides huge data storage facility for the Apple users and Apple ID can be used to access iCloud across various devices. Now it has been noted that users often face the problem of iCloud locked account and they reach out to the support team for assistance. iCloud lock can be broken in various alternative ways and this article will provide all the necessary st.....

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How to enable or disable the iCloud Music library?

iCloud Music Library is an essential medium to store or sync music files across various devices mainly the apple users. Apple user can store around 25,000 songs in the library and all music files are stored in iCloud. Using the Apple ID one can access the music library across various devices and also music files can be stored or uploaded from all devices. Sign in to all the Apple devices using .....

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How Apple should improve iCloud.

An iCloud is an online storage service provided by Apple. It was launched in the year 2011. It is a service provided by Apple using which all your apple devices are kept in sync with each other. What it means is that suppose you take a picture with your iPhone. iCloud will ensure that you need not manually transfer that picture from your iPhone to your MacBook. It will be synced automatically. H.....

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How to set up iCloud and use iCloud Backup?

How to setup iCloud and use iCloud Backup? iCoud is Apple’s web-based data storage and syncing service which is used to sharing emails, calendars and photos etc. Are you an iCloud user and have no idea that how to setup and use an iCloud backup? Then get iCloud technical support team and get sufficient help from the technical experts. There are some easy steps given below which can h.....

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