How to share a document in iCloud Drive in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra

Collaborating and sharing documents was possible in iWork but sharing document in iCloud Drive in iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra works differently. This is more convenient and comfortable for the users as the individuals can use the real time sharing of the document. In case of using MacOS High Sierra along with iOS 11 any individual can invite any one to collaborate with the primary user for any do.....

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How to manage your iCloud file storage

Apple gives everyone iCloud uses 5 GB of free storage space, which for the most common user is more than ample, but for some it's not enough. iCloud Drive is used for backup, iWork and other documents, but also mail if you use @, @ or @ addresses. If your iCloud storage is full, then you need to get more storage by paying for it according to the plan. But if you don&rsqu.....

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How to secure Apple and iCloud accounts

How to secure your Apple and iCloud accounts in authentic manner? Is user afraid of being hit up by threats which may hamper smooth working with apple and icloud account? Does user need some solution which can resolve and fix worries? Just be calm and look up for some effective step by step solution that can be followed to resolve error in jiffy. To secure the data in effectual way, user can walk.....

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How safe is iMessage in the Cloud

SAFETY OF IMESSAGES - A BIG CONCERN! Apple company and its products are highly admired by the users since they deliver the high quality performance for every product. But despite the fact that it considers the users at its priority, it still has got a number of complains from the customer. And the company tries its hard to deal with each issue in proper manner like it provides the iclou.....

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